The One By The Lake

One of the coolest things about being a wedding photographer is that you don’t just get to document the beginning of a family, you often times get to continue on the milestone journey with your couples!! I’ve documented Many of Ryleigh & Craig’s biggest moments! Their engagement, their wedding, and now their maternity photos!! I remember on their wedding night Ryleigh turned to me in the middle of the dance floor and said “NOW LET’S MOVE ONTO MATERNITY PHOTOS” and that time has come! #hayesweddingdays have turned to #hayesmaternitydays!!  

One of my favorite things about Ryleigh & Craig is how chill they are! They are just along for the ride!! But chill does not mean uninterested. When Ryleigh showed up in a BEAUTIFUL floor length gown for her maternity photos, my love for them was renewed ALL over again! Guys, follow their lead, make your photographers day, step up that wardrobe game!! 

Ryleigh & Craig, thank you so much for inviting me into such special moments in your lives. You’re only going to be pregnant with this little one, once and I am so honored you asked me to preserve this memory for you! The special thing about the “Maternity season” is it’s fleeting. It’s just a moment in a lifetime and it deserves to be documented. 


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