The One Where Their Son Officiates

“My dad and I have been together for 10. long. years.

I would like to tell Aimee and Carter that they were the stars of their wedding, but I think even they know that Oliver stole the show. 10 year old Oliver officiated Aimee and Carters beautiful backyard wedding and it was a day filled with love, laughter, and pure happiness. Oliver thanked Aimee for taking on theses bachelors and always making them dinners. Aimee promised to love these boys unconditionally and always bring home ice cream for Oliver.

Aimee and Carter had originally planned on exchanging their vows warm on a beach somewhere and literally riding off into the sunset, and then there was Covid. When my conversation with Aimee began she told me of their changed plans and she said “We’ve just bought our first home together and we decided, what better first memory in our home then to have our wedding here.” I couldn’t agree more.

So here these three stood surrounded by their loved ones, jokes told and promises made, they became a family. Instead of riding off into the sunset, they danced their way down the aisle and into a new chapter of life together. Oliver leading the way.

Aimee, Carter, and Oliver. Thank you so much for giving me a small glimpse into a very happy home. You’ve navigated wedding planning and wedding changing during a pandemic, and you did it together. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a very joyful home for years to come.


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