The One With The Hat

High school was where I first picked up a professional grade camera. I had the most wonderful teacher. He made the world of photography easy to understand, he let creativity run free, and he made learning so much fun. He absolutely encouraged each and every one of us that it was possible to make a career out of photography. High school is an exciting time, so many dreams begin the path to becoming a reality.

I know that this season of life has been hard. Our high school seniors are experiencing it differently this year. They’re missing some of the “key” moments that define the senior experience. When Adrianna’s mom reached out and said “I want to make this really special” and it gave me a little extra incentive to make this shoot AMAZING.

Adrianna was a dream to work with. She had the most adorable style, for starters, she showed up in a hat (yay!!!). We walked barefoot in the sand and talked about how her senior year has been, and let me tell you, Adrianna had the best attitude. She is making lemonade out of the lemon that is 2020. Each time I showed her the back of the camera she’d say “I can’t believe I look like that” and I was darn close to losing my cool and crying.

Adrianna, thank you so much for trusting me to document this season of your life. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! I have a new bar that all my senior sessions with be measured by. Hold onto that glowing attitude, and life will be filled with so many more moments like this one!

  1. Amanda Mendoza says:

    Thank you Jami. We had a wonderful time and you take amazing pictures. It was the special night I had in mind. Thank you for being a bright spot during hard times. ❤️


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