The One Where Winter Came Early

You’re hot then your cold, oh wait, Alaska is almost always cold… When Alyse and Zach first reached out of their session they were excited to sneak in some fall engagement photos and then, it snowed. As if 2020 wasn’t giving me a hard enough time, I had my first snowy winter session in the middle. of. October. and that just feels WRONG. Alaska and I are having a very serious love/hate relationship these days.

I grabbed my gloves, I put on my hat, I wrapped up my scarf, and I was off. I got there early to take the dog on a quick pre-session walkabout and just as I was asking myself “Sweet lord, why do you live here??” I reached the crest of a hill and there it was, Alaska in all her frosty glory. These views take your breath away, and not just because it’s freezing.

Alyse and Zach joined me and they handled it like the born and raised Alaskans they are. I asked if they had more layers they’d like to bring and Alyse said to me “I’ve got some hand warmers, I’m good”. She put me and my bundled up butt to shame.

Alyse and Zach, thank you so much for inviting me into this moment in your relationship! This is the only time in your relationship you’ll be able to call each other fiancĂ©! I had so much fun playing in the snow with you two, and thank you for being such good sports! I can’t wait for the wedding!!


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