The One Where They Got Married Anyway

One of the most amazing things about being a wedding vendor through a pandemic has been to watch couples prioritize their commitment to each other above all else. Can you possibly think of a better way to start a marriage? It makes my heart sore.

This is not meant to minimize the great difficulties and sacrifices these couples are making. I have sat with many tearful brides striving to answer the questions “What are we going to do?”. Then something amazing happens. After a moment of grief, an immediate shift into excitement as they begin planning. Not a fictional wedding they’ve thought up, their actual wedding to the person they love.

One of my favorite days of 2020 was, not only be present at, but to shoot my sweet cousins wedding. Talk about feeling like an MVP. Just days before their wedding these two, who held out so much hope, had to cancel their wedding due to an emergency health order. I got the cancellation text and my heart broke for Shea & Alex. Then I got the call. “We’re getting married anyway, and we need your help.”


In a ceremony of 8, including the bride and groom, I got to witness these two tie the knot!! I think their expressions will speak for themselves, nothing but love and joy.

I am thrilled to be able to share these photos now that the official announcements have been sent and received! Thank you so much to Shea & Alex for inviting me into such a beautiful moment. I just don’t know if there are words to expressed how honored I feel to have been there!


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