The One With All The Tips

Here in Alaska, we live in winter like 9 months out of the year, we might as well embrace it! For those of you brave clients who aren’t afraid of a little cold, heres a few tips to rock your winter session!! 

1. Layers, layers, layers!! – I recommend things that are easily taken on and off for a little variety! Bring your favorite peacoat, scarf, hat, gloves, anything you can find! We’ll put them all on, take a few off, and then take frequent breaks to make sure everyone leaves with all their fingers and toes! While we’re on the subject of toes, start out with weather appropriate shoes that have good traction! We can always switch mid session to something a little “cuter” but I promise, you’d rather be happy you have them vs. angry you don’t! Having the option of a causal outfit and a formal is always a good way to go! 

2. Color Pallet & Patterns – I really love the pastel palettes like an icy blue, sage green, or blush. But, when in doubt neutral out! If you’re not loving any of your color choices, everyone looks good in neutrals! Think about what you want displayed in your home, that could be a good place to start, and choose a pallet of at least three colors!! Be cautious when choosing patterns, sometimes a textured piece adds just as much to an outfit (i.e. a knit sweater or pleated skirt). 

3. Props – Not only does a cozy blanket bring another layer, but it doubles as a prop! You can wrap yourselves up in it or you can sit and snuggle. The cozier the better!! Adding even one extra styling element to your session makes a session completely unique to you! Want to make your session a little more romantic? A freshly picked bouquet does wonders for elevating a session from average to editorial! 

4. Beverages – If you want to add a little something extra to your photos, I would consider bringing a thermos of coffee or coco to keep your hands and bellies warm! Something warm to drink and a blanket to sit on turn into a cozy picnic session really fast! If you’re not too worried about keeping your hands warm, a bottle of champagne to pop is a fun addition to any session!! 


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