The One with the Rock

Proposal stories are one of my favorite things to relive with my couples during their engagement sessions! It gets you talking, it gets you laughing, and reliving a major moment in your relationship! Katrina and Josh have a particularly adorable story, and it started with the help of a child.

Josh enlisted the help of their oldest boy to propose to Kat. One afternoon Josh sent Xavier to Katrina with a little gift; a rock. Not the diamond one you’re thinking of. A true, from this earth, round little rock. Written on that rock were the words “Marry Me”. Immediately concerned Kat asked “Where did you get this, this looks important!” Imagine her surprise when she put two and two together and realized, this rock would be very important, but it would be important to her. I can personally attest to the fact that in the end, she did indeed get a very shiny rock.

Kat & Josh – Thank you two so much for freezing your buns off with me for your engagement photos. You have a truly beautiful story and I can’t wait to continue preserving it for you!


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