The One In The Field

Shaynah & Jason,

Where do I even start.. From the moment we met in Kaladi (remeber when we used to be able to go to coffee shops??) I knew this was going to be a match made in heaven. We sat down for coffee and you said just the sweetest words to any photographers ears: “This is really just a formality, we know we want to work with you”.

As we sat and chatted and you two walked my through your relationship, reminiscing on how you’d gotten to this point, and all I can say is you both were beaming. Nothing but smiles all around. It’s absolutely contagious. I recall thinking to myself, “This is exactly my kind of client”. Genuinely joyful couple.

The beautiful thing about photography is you get to be a tiny part of peoples biggest moments; engagements, weddings, babies. This is the only time you’ll be able to call each other “FiancĂ©”. It’s my job to help you preserve those moments for generations to come, so you can show your grandchildren your engagement photos and reminisce on your engagement. I can’t wait to watch best friends become husband and wife next year!


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