The One With The Broken Flip Flop

Dear Alexis, Zach, and Baby Blair – 

Talk about luck of the draw! How did I end up with the loveliest couple winning my wedding fair giveaway? On top of that, you had the cutest tag a long the world has ever seen! 

When I reminisce on that engagement session, I wont lie to you, I cringe a little. “But the photos are so dreamy!!” You say. Oh, it’s not the photos. It’s the fact that I had broken my flip flops during the session before, and marched up to you two for the very first time with my dirty bare feet. Thank you two so much for not running, screaming, away from the crazy barefoot lady at Eklutna Lake! 

But you two didn’t shield poor Blair’s eyes and run away. You stuck with me when I promised I don’t normally look this crazy and you got some amazing engagement photos! Happy “would be wedding day” little family! I can’t wait to spend another day with you three next year!

– Jami


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