The One With The First Look

Many wedding vendors can relate to the spring of 2020, our events were dropping like flies. Immediate panic ensued. What will we do? How will we make ends meet? How do we love and serve our clients, but protect our business as well? Our poor brides and grooms!! Thats when I met Jasmine & Benjamin. One thing I knew from the moment I met them, they. were. not. postponing. Corona or not, they were getting married in 2020.

As they stood by the inlet, closest friends encircling them. Ben’s back was still turned. Jasmine teasing Ben in the final moments before he could see his bride. We counted down. Three. Two. One. Fireworks. The electricity between these two could be felt by all around. You could hear the breath catch in Ben’s chest as he drank her in, and at last he held her in his arms. Jasmine and Ben, It was such a pleasure getting to experience moments like that with you. Thank you so much for welcoming me into this moment with you and trusting me to preserve it for you.

Planning a wedding in 2020 is no easy task. You’ve proven that your marriage takes first place, and that is the perfect place to start. You’ll face many more moments in your life where you have to redirect but keep this initial lesson in your mind, you marriage first. Regardless of roadblocks, detours, and pandemics, you’ve shown you can navigate them better together.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wilson!!


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