The One Where They Were Impatient

“I’m not a very patient woman, it’s my husbands favorite quality” I joked and with pure joy in her voice Hannah says “See, it’s not just me!!” and we were instantly bonded!

We walked, we laughed, and assigned Grant to bring a little extra patience to the relationship. I got to know the couple who not only is getting married during a pandemic but are planning it in exactly 31 days. They reminisced on their courtship, their engagement, and poking fun at each other quirks and beaming all the while

Regardless of difficulties, timeframes, and mandates, they are planning a wedding with the biggest smiles. Even my face was sore from all the smiling!! Grant & Hannah, you are proving now that when difficulties come your way you will navigate it hand in hand and with a smile.

Congratulations you two!!


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