The One Where They Changed The Date

Kristel & Troy –

Today is your “would be wedding day”. I am so sad not to be celebrating with you two today. The two of you just emulate pure joy and if I know one thing about your wedding it is that it’s going to be a BLAST! I remember at our first consultation, when I asked you to describe your wedding day to me you answered with “We just want it to be a big party!“. This session was nothing but giggles, so I’m certain your wedding day will be exactly the same!

As a couple you have navigated getting to know each other, becoming parents, and now a pandemic. You’ve ridden the coronacoaster like champs! Your kindness and joyfulness through it all has been refreshing. If I wasn’t already excited about spending your wedding with you (which lets be honest, I was) I am beyond excited now. I know that the little added patience for your wedding will pay off!

Happy ‘would be wedding day’ lovebirds! 2021 will be here before you know it!


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