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Gabriel & Karen’s Stunning Fall Wedding At The Barn Mat-Su

Couples, Photography, Wedding

Just over two year ago I photographed a wedding where Karen was the maid of honor and Gabby was the best man.

Sarah and Ryan’s Epic Mountain Wedding at Arctic Valley

Couples, Portraits, Wedding

The variety that Alaska offers in terms of location is almost shocking. Everything from mountains, to oceans, beaches to fields, metropolitan (small as that one may be) to wilderness. The sky is literally the limit! It’s no surprise that the favorite for most is the epic mountain views that are so uniquely Alaskan…

Grace and Mike’s Stunning Wedding at Gloryview Farms

Couples, Photography, Wedding

My umbrellas packed, my boots secured, coat fastened, I trudged out through pouring rain for Grace and Mike’s Wedding day. It had been raining for weeks. At the rehearsal, they decided to move the ceremony under the beautiful pavilion at Gloryview Farms in Wasilla. Just as I started to unpack, the rain began to lighten. […]

Leslie & MJ’s Beautiful Wedding at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage

Couples, Portraits, Wedding

While the world is returning to pre-pandemic normality, the wedding industry is a little delayed in correcting. Schedules fill up fast and far in advance, many wedding vendors learned the hard way that burnout is real. Weddings are a big event and we pour so much of ourselves into these events and we need appropriate […]

Kristel & Troy’s Elegant Wedding at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage

Couples, Portraits, Wedding

There are so many beautiful moments at a wedding. The groom seeing his bride for the very first time, a newlywed couples first kiss, their first dance, the moment a couple realizes they are no longer bride and groom but husband and wife. It can be hard to choose just one moment to talk about. After Kristel and Troy’s wedding it wasn’t difficult.

Xaviera & Chong’s Summer Wedding at Bayshore Clubhouse

Couples, Portraits, Wedding

In the wedding industry the term “ideal client” gets tossed around a lot. We’re told to envision the bride you want to serve. Make decisions with her in mind. It takes time and energy to create this persona but because of that, I knew from their first consultation I was going to love every single second of my time with Xaviera and Chong.

Xaviera and Chong’s Stunning Engagement Session at Flattop

Couples, Engagement, Portraits, Uncategorized, Wedding

What makes a book a great book? I think most of us would agree it has to do with the element of surprise. All these compelling little moments that lead up to a big reveal. Love stories are “written” in a similar way.

Raeanna & Jordan’s Intimate Wedding at Sunset View Resort

Elopement, Photography, Portraits, Wedding

Big Lake, Alaska holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up we spent many summer days at my grandpas cabin, swimming, painting piggie banks, and roasting marshmallows. As you’d imagine I was thrilled to hear that Raeanna and Jordan had chosen the beautiful sunset view resort in Big Lake for their wedding.

Jessica & Williams Summer Wedding at Snow Peak Farm

Couples, Elopement, Photography, Wedding

privacy of the bridal suite at the beautiful snow peak farm, William is just moments from seeing the love of his life, finally, as his bride. He turns to face away, the door creeks, and the tapping of Jessica’s heels as she enters the room. His heart rate increases, his hands start to shake, the anticipation is almost unbearable.

Nik & Megan’s Wedding at Fox Hollow Chalet

Couples, Elopement, Engagement, Photography, Wedding

Genesis chapter 2 verse 20 describes a spouse as a complement and I just can’t think of a better way to describe Nik and Megan. They complement each other, like two pieces of a puzzle AND THEY LOVE PUZZLES.

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