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Spring of 2017 I had recently quit my job as a medical assistant after a long stint of some serious burnout. I was looking for something comfortable and familiar to fill my days while I decided wether or not I was going to jump into photography full time. So I turned back to coffee. Are […]

The One in Homer

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Shaynah and Jason’s story is a classic….

The One That Started as Friends

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“Oh, they say when you’re married in June, you’re a bride all your life”.

The One With Katrina and Josh

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One of the greatest honors in being a photographer is getting to photograph loved ones. The “Petes” and the “Barts” have had more card parties, camping trips, barbecues, and vacations than a person can keep count of. It’s the kind of friendship where invitations aren’t needed, they’re implicit. The kind of friendship where in times […]

The One With Family


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